Support Services

Prodata provides professional consultancy to offer expert advice to help our client to plan, design, install, integrate and maintain their network. Prodata’s best-in-class professionals fully understand your business and technical needs and stay at the forefront of technology to provide objective and cost effective business solution. We apply the best people, form the best teams and achieve focused, measurable results for our client. 
We have the expertise to help IT manager in the installation of their computing and networking systems. Whether you have a brand new installation or are planning to upgrade your existing system, we have the professionals and equipment to make your project successful one. We have a team of highly trained staff of professionals who are each expert in various technologies and diverse environments to handle every aspect of the installation.

We offer the installation and integration services in the following areas :

  • Networking Infrastructure
  • Multiple Protocol/Platform Environment
  • Sophisticated Network Management
  • Intranet / Internet Connectivity and Network Security
  • Computer Systems (servers/workstations) and Peripherals
  • Network Structured Cabling System


Maintenance Services

Network Maintenance Services we provide include maintenance of networking infrastructure with varying sizes from Local Area Network, Campus Area Network, Metropolitan Area Network to Wide Area Network involving equipment such as routers, switches, hubs, remote access servers and network management tools. 
Maintenance Services Contract comes in many flavors depend on service levels are suitable for the customer needs.