Monitoring Active Directory and Windows: Indications you are under attack
November 19, 2018
Enforce strong passwords in your organization with password policy enforcer.
November 19, 2018

ManageEngine’s Active Directory & IT Security Webinar Series 2018

Session 1 - December 4

Active Directory monitoring essentials: Activities you must track to bolster IT security & meet compliance mandates

  • Track user logon and logoff activities in real-time.
  • Identify and secure privileged access.
  • Tracking group membership changes.
  • Identify, secure and monitor service accounts.
  • Detect the source and cause of account lockouts.

Session 2 - December 5

Enhanced threat detection with Machine Learning and User Behavior Analytics (UBA)

  • Why is UBA needed?
  • How UBA works?
  • Detecting insider threats with UBA.
  • UBA vs. compromised account lateral movement.
  • UBA vs. malware attacks, and more.

Session 3 - December 11

Top five critical alerts you need for IT security

  • The common security events you must track, such as modifications made to confidential data, security group membership changes, and more.
  • Tracking these security events using an auditing tool.
  • Leveraging Log360, our SIEM solution, to instantly detect and respond to security threats.

Session 4 - December 12

Go beyond auditing: Use logs to reinforce network security

  • Overview of today's security landscape
  • Importance of log management and SIEM
  • Current trends in the SIEM industry
  • Log management for network security:
    • Real-time event correlation and alerts
    • Log search and forensics
    • Threat detection using threat feeds

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