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Endpoint Management and Security Conference – Indonesia

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Endpoint Management and Security Conference – Indonesia | June 20 2022 [2 PM – 4 PM]

End users are leveraging their endpoints which are more powerful & productive. In order to make end user more productive, he or she also need PC, notebook, tablet, & smartphone.
This is why company need to have powerful endpoint management solution which can enable user to be more productive while remaining secure.

Jun 20, 2022 – 2pm to 4pm WIB

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Securing your Endpoints in the Era of Digital Transformation

The present-day workforce poses multiple challenges, from implementing hybrid work to deploying layered security. Two years ago, remote work became the new normal for many organizations around the world. Today, while we are still grappling with the affects of the pandemic amid economic and political turmoil, IT leaders are witnessing an exponential rise in cyberattacks among other hurdles such as enforcing Zero Trust and facing back-to-the-office struggles.

As IT professionals, is there a way to check off all the boxes on providing state-of-the-art security while complementing end-user productivity?

Join us in this seminar on thriving in the new normal while accomplishing your enterprise goals.

Key endpoint management trends for 2022 and beyond:

Adapt and thrive: Learn ways to make hybrid work work in your favor.

Standardize your security posture: Find and fix security loopholes in your endpoints.

Achieve cyber resilience: Devise an effective security strategy that detects and remediates risks.

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Key endpoint management trends for 2022 and beyond:

Unifying endpoint security strategies for enterprises

Patch management – Protecting against known vulnerabilities

Spotlight on security risk & blind-spots – known, unknown vulnerabilities

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Key endpoint management trends for 2022 and beyond:

Rundown ransom ware attacks – unknown, unknown vulnerabilities

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